Formality and Bob


blazer: Elogy | trousers: Primark | tee and shoes: Mango

This time I tried a more classic and formal outfit. It’s pretty easy, you just need a blazer and some dark colors. To finish, I have to talk about my new hair. I am really in love with my bob haircut. So cute and so easy in the morning. It’s not incredibly different comparing to the one that I was using in the last post but it’s pretty different comparing with the long hair that I had during all the past years. I only had my hair this short when I was a little girl, long time ago. Short hair, cause I care! ūüôā hope you enjoy!



Photography Margarida Martins

Spring Edition


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Stores are empty of new trends for Spring. Honestly, I don’t like to buy new stuff now because, or you buy clothes too fresh for the present weather (that you only will wear in a couple of weeks) or you buy warm clothes (good for now, but too warm in a few days). In fact, I didn’t stay in love with the major trends that are in stores, the embroidery pieces, and the ruffles. Instead, I felt so much inspired by clean, monochrome and minimal pieces. Light colors, so easy to wear, and statement accessories, the essential in a simple outfit. It could be a huge clich√™, but it’s really true, less is more! Hope you enjoy.


Bubble gum




shirt and sweater: Zara | skirt: Pull and Bear

I tried the new trend pink / pink + red. I was really excited when I found this bubble gum pink shirt in Zara on sale (thinking about Summer already!). When I imagined these two colors together I always thought that they did a really bad combination. But when I saw them in shop windows it was different, I really like what I saw. In my opinion, not all trends are wearable. For some of them, we should give it a try. Hope you like this combination.


Photography Margarida Martins

analog I


My crush about old and vintage stuff made me want to try the analogic photography. So, in the last year, I bought an automatic analogic camera, Canon AF7 Prima. ¬†These are some photos that I took in different places during the last months. I really love the final result. This makes me feel that I live in the 70’s. Another great feeling about analogic photography is the expectant waiting for the surprising final result. I was really excited to finish the 35mm roll film to see all the photos. I hope you like it as much as I did.



I Saw Her Standing There

4c99e8fa02a66505bf06a8a1aebe37f4The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There



denim jacket: vintage | velvet tshirt: gramma | jeans: Pull&Bear | shoes: Mango

These cropped wide-leg denim pants on sale were a great find. These pants can be used during the warm summer days or during the winter to get through all the floods (right? xD). Or simply just to show our ankles or our funny socks. The dandy loafers give to this cool outfit a classic cut. I tried this (almost) monochrome denim look and I liked the result, I hope you too.


Photography Margarida Martins